March 30, 2016


We were very excited to hear yesterday that Councilman Jim Owens has requested an item on April's Town Council agenda to form a Shem Creek task force to determine how our community can preserve and enhance our Town's working waterfront and commercial fleet for the long run!


Like other traditional working waterfronts around the country, Shem Creek faces development pressures and market forces that threaten its historic charm and could cause our commercial fishing fleet and marine-related businesses to disappear if we don’t take action. Fortunately, there are successful case studies of similar efforts our community can look to for guidance on how we can go about protecting Shem Creek’s character for the long-term.


In other good news, the spring shrimping season is right around the corner, and if you caught the article in this morning’s Post and Courier, you read that an abundant, and possibly early, spring season is expected! Don’t forget to mark the Blessing of the Fleet on your calendar for April 24th!


Again, thank you Councilman Owens - we are so excited to hear this great news! We will keep y'all updated on this moving forward, of course.

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