May 21, 2015

The Planning Commission had a positive and productive meeting this afternoon, wrapping up a review of the Town's proposed Growth Management Plan that spanned several meetings. Here are the motions that were approved, which will move forward as recommendations to Town Council. Town Council can adopt these guidelines or make changes as they wish.


DENSITY: A motion was passed unanimously to cap residential densities at 20 units/acre on Coleman Boulevard/Ben Sawyer, Chuck Dawley Boulevard, and Long Point Road. Johnnie Dodds Blvd. densities were capped at 30 to 35 units/acre.


HEIGHT: A motion was passed unanimously to set the maximum height to 45' on the Moultrie and Sea Island shopping centers on Coleman Blvd. They are currently set to 6 floors.


UC-OD BOUNDARIES: A motion passed to recommend that Town Council study the boundaries of the Urban Corridor Overlay District to determine if there are any properties that should be excluded from the UC-OD.




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