April 11, 2015

Citizens of Mt. Pleasant, we’ve asked a lot of you since this movement began, but there’s still more work to be done. While the parking garage issue remains unsettled, this Tuesday night’s 6PM Town Council meeting is a pivotal moment in determining the future of development for the rest of Coleman and Johnnie Dodds Blvds. Town Council will be voting on doing away with the bonus densities that allowed The Boulevard development--the first of the proposed ordinances that are part of their recently announced Growth Management Plan. As expected, members of the development community are mobilizing to ask Town Council members to abandon this plan and leave the density rules as they stand now.


We urge you to support our Town Council in their efforts to strike a sensible balance between growth and preserving our quality of life. Please reach out to Council at to let them know you support their plan to do away with bonus densities, and please attend Tuesday night’s meeting to represent the citizens’ interests in the future of our Town. In addition to this bonus density issue, The Atlantic project will be up for its full Town Council vote, as well as a request from the Central Mt. Pleasant developer to get a waiver from the mandatory one-year wait before they can bring a new rezoning request forward for their project. Once again, the Town will set up overflow capacity in the gym with a live broadcast of the meeting. This system worked great at the last month’s Planning Commission meeting, so there should be no seating issues for the large crowd this time.


Please share this Facebook post and spread the word with your friends and neighbors. We cannot stress enough how important this vote is for protecting the character of our Town.



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