You Be The Judge!!

February 12, 2015

We have filed a zoning appeal with the Town over the encroachment of the proposed Shem Creek parking garage by 30 feet into the Marine District zoning area. Here are two plats of the property in question recorded at the County office and signed off on by members of the Town’s staff which show the boundary lines between the zoning districts – one, the Areawide Business district, allows office space, and the other, the Marine District, does not. Even the design plans submitted to the Town by the developer for the parking garage show these zoning boundary lines the exact same way.


One staff member at the Town, however, decided that there was uncertainty as to just where the zoning lines on the Town’s official Zoning Map are located, even though they appear to exactly match the zoning boundary lines on these recorded plats and the developer’s own plans, and there is no other logical reason why it is drawn the way it is than to match these plats. In doing so, the Town said since there was this supposed uncertainty, the developer could construct his 55-foot office building 30 feet into the Marine District zoning area, which was created to protect the character of Shem Creek by limiting the type of uses that could be built there and limit building height to 35 feet.


Do you think there is any uncertainty at all as to where these zoning boundary lines are? Do you think the Town should let this appeal be heard? You can let them know your opinion at and







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