Explanation Of Zoning Appeal

February 9, 2015

So you can better understand why we filed a zoning appeal to the Town, here is a link to the letter our attorney sent to the Town in January spelling out the myriad reasons why we feel the Town made an incorrect zoning move on the Shem Creek parking garage plans. Also, we thought you'd like to see what all of your very generous donations have paid for! The letter may be technical in nature, but it all boils down to a very black and white issue in which the Town has taken the position that they aren't sure where the zoning lines on their own zoning map really are, so they're going to allow the parking garage/office building to encroach 30 feet into the protected Marine District zoning area surrounding Shem Creek rather than doing the proper thing of taking the issue through a public rezoning process. We feel their stance is analogous to trying to argue what the definition of "is" is.






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