Historic Oak Trees To Be Cut On Live Oak Drive

November 30, 2014

It turns out there are about to be fewer Live Oak trees on Live Oak Drive in the Old Village thanks to the Town once again failing to follow its own rules ... read on to hear about this latest disappointment.


The owners of 131 Live Oak Drive asked the Town for permission to subdivide their property into three new lots back in April. As part of that process a survey was done to prepare a proposed plat to represent the new lot lines. After this was done and the new lots were shown to meet the Town's lot standards, permission was given to subdivide the property. The only catch was the survey failed to show all of the HISTORIC OAK TREES on the property, which is REQUIRED by the Town on all final plats.


Did the Town send anyone to the property prior to subdivision to check for historic trees? Once the egregious mistake was caught, did the Town do anything to reverse the subdivision process? After all, wasn't the subdivision approved on the basis of an inaccurate survey? The Town's own staff stated "In all likelihood, had these two trees been shown, the Town would not have approved the subdivision since the presence of the trees severely restricts the buildable area of the lot." But was anything done about it? Apparently not.


Fast forward to this past Monday, and the owners of the property had a request into the Town's Board of Zoning Appeals. Why? Because of course two of those historic oak trees that failed to show up on the survey are in the way of the building pad for one of the three new lots. By a 5-2 vote, the BOZA approved the request to chop down one of the historic oaks and "prune" the other so that three houses can be built where one used to stand. What do you think?




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