How That Zoning Came To Be

November 13, 2014

Did you know that part of Mt. Pleasant was designated as a National Register Historic District in 1973? The District includes ALL properties toward Charleston Harbor and Shem Creek bounded by McCants Drive and Whilden Street/Royall Avenue and should not be confused with the Town’s Old Village Historic District Commission. While National Register Historic Districts are technically not restricted from being developed or altered, perhaps as a function of the designation, general sensitivity toward preserving the character of such a notable location, and previous input from citizen panels, the final Coleman Boulevard Master Plan produced in 2008 called for a 40 foot height limit on those properties within the Historic District along Coleman Boulevard to be included in the Town’s new UC-OD zoning district.


However, in late 2013 at the request of a developer Mt. Pleasant Town Council amended the UC-OD to raise the height limit on these properties within the Historic District to 55 feet measured to the eave, thus allowing for buildings up to 60 feet or taller. Town Council members hopefully were unaware of the facts concerning the National Register when they made this decision. No one spoke out against the height increase at the Town Council meeting, probably due to the way the agenda was worded when it went out for public notice (which you can see below). There is no mention of a height increase, and the flood zone item refers to commercial space on the first floor of a building.








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