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October 26, 2014

Question for you -- what is the maximum allowable residential density (in units per acre) on Coleman Blvd. and Johnnie Dodds Blvd. under the new Urban Corridor Overlay District?


The answer ... there is NO DENSITY LIMIT for projects that are over four acres in size and meet some easily obtainable criteria. If you read through the Town’s code section 156.318, you’ll find this all-important detail at part (H)(4): “No residential density limitation shall apply to projects that are mixed use and meet all of the requirements of divisions (2)(a) through (d) above.” Furthermore, section (2)(a) states that the four-acre project size requirement can be met by separately owned properties added together as long as “all owners agree on combined uses and site design.”

That is why the recent submittal for the proposed “The Atlantic” project on the old Channel 4 property at the Ben Sawyer causeway to Sullivans Island calls for 310 units on 8 acres of high ground, or 38.75 UNITS/ACRE. Keep in mind, this density was achievable under the constraint of a 55’ height limit. Imagine what sort of density could be achieved on the Sea Island and Moultrie Commons properties with their 75’ height limit. If you know of any examples of projects in the local area that have been built with this density, please share them with us.

In essence, in the last 5 years, the Town has gone from allowing very little residential development for the vast majority of Coleman Blvd. properties to the opposite end of the spectrum with no residential density limits on the street’s larger properties. As to what our Town Council members and Mayor think about this aspect of the UC-OD zoning code, there are only two reasonable conclusions. Either they fully support it, or, they didn’t understand what they voted into place. Please share this post with your friends.


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