Shem Creek is Mount Pleasant


Shrimp trawlers and fishing boats on Shem Creek...they're synonymous with the Town of Mount Pleasant. However, due to a variety of factors, we risk losing this cultural treasure unless the community comes together to help ensure these boats can continue to make a go of it.


As it stands now, the fleet faces some long-term issues that we need to address and solve, namely dock space, a source of ice on the creek, and a processing and storage facility...all of which were in place on Shem Creek in previous decades but are no longer there. As a result, most of the captains still working must scramble each day to find buyers for their shrimp on the way back to the dock and then head their catch themselves once they get if the cost of fuel and an influx of cheap, imported shrimp weren't already big enough obstacles to deal with. However, you can help AND enjoy fresh local shrimp and fish right off the dock -- HEAD OVER to our list of boats and captains so you can buy the world's best seafood DIRECTLY from the dock. We also have a list of retailers and local restaurants that proudly serve Shem Creek seafood.


Finally, don't leave this page without spending a little time looking at our amazing photojournal by local photographer Glyn Cowden of A DAY IN THE LIFE of a Shem Creek shrimper. It is well worth your time!


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