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The more people who are involved in our town's decision-making process, the better off everyone will be in the long run. We encourage all citizens of Mount Pleasant to become engaged in the issues that affect us. And if you don't have a background in land development, the whole land use approval process can be somewhat confusing, but don't worry about it. We'll try our best to present information on this site in a way that is clear and easy to understand on a practical level. Just remember if you get involved -- it's one thing to engage in discussion on social media, but it's much more important to show up at meetings or contact our town officials to make sure they understand your ideas, thoughts, and concerns!



Attend Town Meetings


Every month there are regular meetings of Town Council, the Committees of Town Council, the Planning Commission, the Commercial Design Review Board, the Board of Zoning Appeals -- as well as other Commissions and Boards -- that are held at Town Hall on Houston Northcutt Boulevard. The meeting schedule and agendas are published on the Town of Mount Pleasant's website, and there is also a website tool to sign up for email alerts from the Town for as many types of meetings as you're interested in. On the Town's home page, click on the "Notify Me" button to get on this email list of meeting announcements and agendas! We will also be alerting you to upcoming meetings and the pertinent agenda items that may be of most interest on our blog and social media pages.


Contact Town Officials


It's easy to contact members of Town Council and the Mayor via email to let them know what you think about an upcoming issue. Simply send an email to:

You can also reach members of the Planning Commission and employees of the Town's Planning Department staff at the following email address:

Contact Save Shem Creek Corp.


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