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 We are Save Shem Creek. 


We are working to protect the iconic waterway that serves as the cultural heart of our community and, on a broader scale, to protect the quality of life the citizens of Mount Pleasant currently enjoy.


We are thrilled to announce that the purchase of Shem Creek's Wando Dock by the Town of Mount Pleasant has been finalized! This purchase by the public of one of the last two commercial docks on the creek gives the fleet a permanent home on Shem Creek in the face of rising real estate values and development pressures and will preserve our Town's working waterfront heritage far into the future! Thank you so much to the following people for making this happen: longtime owners Lisa and Chuck Sigman who could have sold to developers for a higher price but wanted the property to remain in use by the fleet, Brett Elrod who stepped into the breach when the owners were ready to sell and sought a way to save the property for the fleet, and to Mount Pleasant's elected leaders, particularly Councilman Tom O’Rourke and Mayor Will Haynie who championed this effort from the beginning!

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